Our customs clearance services focus on saving clients from complex administrative processes. Our services include custom documentation, carting and receiving goods, examination of shipment, handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at ports. We have a team working in all areas of chemicals, feed additives, veterinary medicines, equipment, cars, Dealing with the largest importer of wheat And the seed of maize and soybean in Egypt. We have experience in consulting solutions Work in all ports A.R.E Port Said, Safaga, Damietta. Our customs clearance services pertain to the following main categories.

  • .Custom Documentation.
  • .Carting / Receiving goods.
  • .Examination of shipment.
  • .Handling of stuffing and de-stuffing at ports.
  • . Guaranteed Service.

Guaranteed Service :

We offer personalized customer service, managing individual client requirements to coordinate step-by-step supply chain management. Our team is dedicated to taking a proactive approach to managing your logistic requirements to minimize lead-time and achieve optimal inventory levels. We also offer solutions such as foreign to foreign coordination and direct import shipments for distributing your product worldwide while reducing transportation and handling costs. We maintain close contacts with customs and overseas trade authorities through our agent's network. Reaching the destination port is not the end of our services, our agents will help you deal with all import customs clearance and can also distribute your goods to their recipients.